TBEX Excitement And Last-Minute Tips For Your Speed Dating Pitch

TBEX Excitement And Last-Minute Tips For Your Speed Dating Pitch

This post may contain hotel affiliate links. This means that if you book a hotel through this site I may earn a dreadfully small but much appreciated commission at no extra cost to you. Do you travel for conferences? Me, too. No, wait. I mean learn from my mistakes. Does this sight fill you with dread or happiness? There was a boat.

Your First TBEX Travel Conference – Everything you need to know

Although this will be their fourth annual gathering, it will only be my second year to attend. In fact last year was my first opportunity and it was rather impressive. It was only 48 hours prior to the start of TBEX that a friend and I purchased tickets and rushed on up there. As such we were both woefully unprepared. Sure we had business cards and great conversation skills but not much else. No plan of which seminars to hit.

Now, most normal bloggers start off with something like TBEX or Traverse. IMM is a networking event that is basically speed dating for travel industry.

We are providing our attendees with an opportunity to connect with each other through the use of Presdo Match. You will have received a welcome letter, and before you dive in, we would like you to review this guide on how to fill out your profile. This will be automatically uploaded into your profile with a few pieces of the information already filled in from your registration information, but please be sure to review it and make sure it is accurate.

Niches, Destinations of Interest Important Note: To optimize searches, please use these preset niches. Current editorial needs:. One on One meetings are preset at 10 minutes each — 8 minutes for the meeting and 2 minutes to get to your next appointment. Request a Meeting — this function will send a request to the party you wish to meet with and show them the times you are both free. They will then accept or decline and you will be notified of their answer. Send a Message — this function allows you communicate with each other in the system without setting up a meeting.

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TBEX Opening Night at Lumberyard

Those stars on my badge indicate this was my fourth TBEX conference. That said, this is not going to be your standard conference recap post. Rachel was one of my co-speakers at this event, and we were so thrilled to share this time.

Speed Dating/Networking is Not When You Want to Talk to Exhibitors. I can actually speak to this from personal experience from both sides of the table, as I.

A keynote, breakout or workshop ought to be a memorable experience. Not just good enough, but something truly exceptional. To laugh, maybe even to cry. To reach deep down inside, to move the emotional needle. To be moved to action. Not only to learn, but also to have fun doing it. And when the event is over, to emerge knowing that you were part of something special, something different. Our aim is for attendees to think back often and reflect on lessons that will, in big ways and small, stay with them forever in their work and in their lives.

We understand how difficult it is to research speakers and to find the right fit. We hope this page will make it easier by giving you the information you need so you can make the best decision possible for your event and for your organization. We offer practical breakout sessions, webinar and keynotes. This page provides an overview of our speaking offerings, along with a taste of what you can expect when you work with us.

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Sponsorship Rate Card – Tbex

This may sound nerdy to some of you readers, but I dare you to find a better opening party anywhere. TBEX is a massive two-day travel blogging and media conference that takes place twice a year in different parts of the globe, and this spring it happened to be in the Costa Brava, Spain, a one-hour bus ride from my front door. Literally, people fly for 36 hours to attend these things, and I could have hitch-hiked if I had the balls.

If you’re serious about creating a business from your blog, the speed dating sessions and networking opportunities at TBEX may be the most.

Access the latest press releases and download photographs from our image library. As part of this event, these global travel bloggers and travel writers will meet with influential travel tech brands including Twitter, Travel Massive, Lonely Planet, Razorsocial and OpenJaw and Irish tourism brands such as Aer Lingus, Guinness Storehouse and Waterford Crystal to explore best practices in influencer marketing, online content creation, and discuss the future of travel media before embarking on an in-depth discussion about Ireland as a destination.

There is a direct economic impact. Our attendees stay an average of 10 days for a two day conference. Then of course there is all of the social media interaction. On Twitter alone, TBEX will generate hundreds of millions of impressions and reach tens of millions of people all over the world before, during and after the conference. Jump to top Archives: Keep up to date on tourism news Stay informed of all industry news with our fortnightly newsletter.

Ireland’s Ancient East. Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands. Dublin Convention Bureau. Visit our media centre. Keep up to date on tourism news Stay informed of all industry news with our fortnightly newsletter. Sign up for our e-newsletter.

Impressions from the TBEX Stockholm

Travel Blog Exchange TBEX is the largest conference and networking event for travel bloggers, journalists, media content creators, travel brands and industry professionals. This year the conference was held in Huntsville, Al. This was my second year attending and it was an Amazing Conference! Boy, I learned so much and my head is still swirling trying to wrap my mind around all of the content. There was an amazing amount of knowledge that I gathered in Huntsville this past weekend from the breakout sessions to the wonderful relationships that I cultivated over the course of four days.

I even had the opportunity to meet Samantha Brown!

We want to help bloggers! Sign up for a speed-date with us at TBEX or visit our stand, and we’ll give you a year’s free domain registration and.

At the time, bloggers on the whole were just getting a handle on presenting themselves at conferences as businesses rather than individual freelancers or simply traveling nomads. So while I think that a lot of the things I talked about in that post—when and where to maximize one-on-one conversations and the best timeline for genuine follow-up—are certainly still relevant, I think that the types of tips people need for TBEX have moved to a different level.

But I think there are some more things you need to know. The dirty little secrets, perhaps? Call them pro tips, unconventional angles, or just pulling back the curtain on the stuff that really goes in the travel media industry. TBEX is somewhat notorious for dropping announcements about pre- and post-BEX tours and parties rather unceremoniously, with sign-ups quickly filling up with the lucky schmo who happened to be online when the announcement went up.

But where is it? Is your name large enough to see? Especially in the dim light at an evening party? As soon as you get your nametag, go in the bathroom, tie a knot in it and check the height.

How to Prepare for a TBEX Travel Blogger Conference

However, as unconventional forms of media- namely, social- have grown in importance on a global scale, more exhibitors are open to speaking to those of us involved in these forms of media. IMM is a networking event that is basically speed dating for travel industry professionals. I found out about IMM in London maybe two weeks before the event, and took ages to decide if it would be worth it to go. It was enough to make me feel like buying a plane ticket to attend the IMM in London would be worth it.

While you may make more contacts with a full schedule, I appreciated having the downtime to keep my energy levels up for each meeting.

The Speed Networking is like a speed dating, few minutes to sell yourself. Detail, the applications are done in advance, we didn’t knew that and.

For me it was a sign. Yes, I should finally visit Canada. And as traveling to Canada for just a conference was not worth it for me, I spent months in touch with the tourist boards working on my plan for 3 weeks in the Eastern Canada as part of my Adventure and Spa project. Around 1, travel bloggers and PR companies, travel agencies, tourist boards etc. To be honest, I hate crowds and if this was my first conference ever, I would have probably freaked out. Way overcrowded! I understand it would not be the best idea to put a limit to the number of attendees, but this was craziness!

TBEX Review – Is It Worth It For a New Travel Blogger?

Guinness sponsored the opening night event. She left inspired. It might surprise non-bloggers to know that there are conferences especially for the genre. Well, actually, no, it is more complicated than that.

A Blogger’s Guide to Speed Dating. We are excited to be hosting TBEX ’12 at the Keystone Conference Center in Keystone, Colorado. We are providing our.

Yesterday we announced that we will be promoting the. For bloggers, we think. BLOG offers a particularly unique opportunity. It instantly identifies the kind of site involved: if you run a blog, the word blog is actually part of your brand. While many new TLDs apply to specific verticals, like cars or shoes,. BLOG is a domain which transcends many verticals — blogging is common to them all.

And more than anything else, a blog is a personal brand: intimately associated with its authors. We think. We get bloggers.

#ITB #TBEX Blogger Speed Dating. Bloggers meet travel companies 8 minutes a time

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May 27, – The best way to attract new sponsors at TBEX is with a well laid out and clearly defined pitch. Here are some tips that will help you make a good.

The life of a Teacher-Traveler :. I administered final exams to my seventh grade students Monday through Friday, then hopped on a plane to fly across the country to Colorado for the person TBEX Travel Blogging Conference. Here are lessons the Education world or really anyone in any realm can learn from the success of TBEX Belonging to a community is an essential human need, and true communities CAN form online. The online travel world is ridiculously tight-knit, so TBEX is actually a joyful family reunion.

Embraces flew fast and furious this weekend, seeing dear friends from the online world in person at last!

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